Welcome to Ljubno ob Savinji

Hotel Planinka is a four-star family boutique hotel with a cherished tradition and warm hospitality offering culinary delights. Experience the luxury of unspoilt nature in the embrace of the Alpine climate in the heart of Ljubne ob Savinja with uniquely furnished rooms and an ambience that will complement your soul.

Local dishes to perfection

A superb gastronomic experience in the Upper Savinjska Valley. If you prefer to get to know the world through cuisine, we offer you an unforgettable visit to the Planinka restaurant in the Alpine region of Slovenia. Chef Luka Peternel, who swears by local ingredients and genuine creativity, delights gourmets! Let us take you through selected Slovenian delicacies and gastronomic masterpieces.

Wine cellar and wine degustation

To explore the world in a wine cellar, at Hotel Planinka we have an opportunity for your curiosity. Sommelier Tomaž Žerovnik will perfectly complement and enrich the selected dishes and enable you to learn about the worlds of wine.

Mission of hotela Planinka

The history of Planinka dates back to 1967, when the guest house was opened after several renovations of the house. In 1971, accommodation was added, and with this the tourist facility received the name Hotel Planinka. The boom of tourism in the Upper Savinja Valley followed in the following years, when the main tourist point to visit was Logarska Dolina. After the independence of Slovenia in 1991, difficult times followed and eventually they stopped investing in the hotel.

With the arrival of the Žerovnik family in Ljubno ob Savinja, they revived Hotel Planinka in 2010.

After a complete reconstruction, we built new hotel accommodations with the installation of wooden materials, renovated the ground floor with a restaurant and focused on sustainable tourism to bring the beauty of the Upper Savinja Valley closer to our guests.

In 2017, Luka Peternel joined us as a Chef, who takes care of the culinary pampering of our guests. When creating the plates, he uses local ingredients and with his creations conjures up the authenticity of the environment of the Upper Savinja Valley for every guest.