The best medium-sized ski resort in Slovenia. It is located at an altitude of between 1,280 and 1,576 meters and spans 50 hectares of land. It covers more than 12 kilometers of well-groomed ski slopes, where skiing and snowboarders enjoy themselves.
Golte skiing view

Golte ski resort

Access to the ski slopes is possible by car on the panoramic road or the Golte swing, which takes you all the way to the ski slopes in 8 minutes and gives you stunning views of the Savinja Valley. It is a 20-minute drive from the Hotel Planinke and to the Golte Pendulum. Due to the varied selection of ski slopes of varying complexity, the Golte ski resort will be loved by experienced skiers as well as those who are about to become one. There are 5 ski lifts (3 chair lifts, 2 lifts) and a conveyor belt on the children’s training ground.

Distance from the Planinka Hotel to the ski slope

Access to the ski slope is possible by car from the direction Ljubno ob Savinji and you can reach the ski lift at Stari stani directly, the ride takes about 20 minutes or drive to Mozirje and take the Golte Pendulum – 15 km to get you to the hotel on the ski slope.

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