TIMBER RAFT COLLECTION - represents the tradition of timber rafting in the Savinja Valley, illustrates the life of rafters, their costumes and equipment, their everyday life on the raft.
BUDNOVA SAW - a saw on a waterfall, built in the 20 years of the last century
FAŠUNOVA HOUSE in Ljubno ob Savinji: a homestead with a modest design and courtyard represents the home of a small farmer
BRINEČOV MILL - visitors can visit a museum of mill that was working in the past and a new mill factory - which works now.
MUSEUM OF THE POTOČKA ZIJALKA - permanent exhibition about Potočka zijalka, a refuge of the ice-age man: the cave bear skull, stone tools and a copy of the needle, which is considered the oldest suture in the world.
CULTURAL TREASURE - treasure of sacred coats and sacred objects.
CATHEDRAL IN GORNJI GRAD- the largest and most architecturally important Baroque building in Slovenia, the church of Sv. Mohor and Fortunat, which has a rich history.

CASTLE VRBOVEC - there is a museum of forestry and woodworking and represents the life in history: olars, furmans, sawmills and rafters.
FRANCISCAN MONASTERY - rises picturesque above the castle Vrbovec in Nazarje,  with the library that is an exceptional Slovenian treasure. Rich library of geographical, historical and other books, among which Dalmatin's Bibile plays a central role
THE COAL MINING MUSEUM OF SLOVENIA - Welcome to the real UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE in the mine tunnels, 160 m below the surface! Experience how the miners lived more than 100 years ago.