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Golte ski resort
It is located at an altitude between 1,280 and 1,576 meters and stretches over 50 hectares of area. It covers more than 12 kilometers of well-organized ski trails, where skiers and snowboarders are left to skiing. Access to the ski slope is possible by car on the panoramic road or by the cable car Golte, which takes you within 8 minutes to the ski slope and the whole path gives you stunning views of the Savinja Valley. from the Hotel Planina and to the cable car Golte is 20 minutes by car. Due to the varied selection of ski trails of various complexity, the ski resort Golte will be loved by experienced skiers as well as those who will just become. There are 5 cable cars (3 chairlifts, 2 ski lifts) and a conveyor belt on the children's training ground.
Ski school White rabbit
The school, which operates in the Golte, is a popular ski and snowboarding school with a long tradition. The ski school is distinguished by professional ski instructors and an integrated and individual approach to each student or group. More about them http://www.belizajec.si/2016/sneg/sola-smucanjadeskanja/

Distance from Hotel Planinka to the ski slope
Access to the ski slope is possible by car from the direction Ljubno ob Savinji and directly to the ski lift to Stara stana, the journey takes approximately 20 minutes
or drive to Mozirje and with a cable car on Golte - a distance of 15 km, where you will be taken to a hotel in the ski resort.