ADRENALINE PARK is located in a forest in the heart of the Menina Camp, where we are in direct contact with nature. This is a fun and entertaining adventure, suitable for children aged 4 and a bit "bigger children" up to 99 years of age. Adrenaline park is divided into two parts, two different difficulty routes.
Yellow line for 4-8 years = 8 €, one / person
Orange line for 8-108 years = 15 € / person
Distance from hotel 7km.
RAFTING AND KAYAK ON SAVIJNA RIVER - if you love a good company and you love the wild alpine rivers, rafting and kayaking on the Savinja River will be perfect for you. During a 10 km long rafting ride you will experience wild rapids and you will be able to swim in the river.
Period: 1 April - 31 October
Rafting - length: 10 km
Duration: 1.5 to 2.5 hours on the river
RAFT - No. persons: from 4 to 6 persons, price: 40 EUR per person
MINI RAFT -Nr. persons: from 2 to 3 persons, Price: 45 EUR / person
Kayak - length: 10 km
Duration: 3 to 5 hours
Price for 1 person: 60 EUR
Price for 2 persons: 50 EUR
Price for 3-6 persons: 42 EUR
CLIMBING - do you like alpine climbing, so you never got the courage? If you have a lot of experience in mountaineering for heavier and worse protected hiking trails and some trials in sports climbing, you can also test in 'true' climbing. A trained mountain guide will show you everything you need to know about climbing in the mountains and take you safely to the desired climbing direction.
We offer rack packages with guide, different difficulty levels and climbing time.
The price for two persons is from 160,00 €
We offer you a freestyle riding in nature with instructor or  just by you self. They have also a riding school for younger and older generations!
Distance from hotel 15km.
Price list: Tourist riding (3 rounds) 3,00 €, riding lessons from 25,00 € / hour
Visit the world of birds with tandem paragliding. An experienced parachute instructor will help you to touch the sky above the beautiful Alpine valleys. You can start at the Klemensek farm and fly over the Logarska dolina National Park, but you can also start at the popular Golte hill above Mozirje, where you will share the sky with other parachutes. 
Price from 90,00 €
KANYONING - experience an exceptional day in nature and go for exploration along with an organized group. Discover the hidden corners in our valley and experience the canyoning in our beautiful nature.
TENNIS - We offer you playing tennis in summer and in winter season. All tennis courts are regularly and perfectly maintained and offer you unlimited sports pleasures when playing tennis.  
The nearest tennis court is 3 km away.

ZIP LINE ON GOLTEH: You are invited to the Golte zip line. Experience 200 m of an adrenalin downhill in the heart of the Golte Landscape Park.