Pearls of Upper Savinja Valley - one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe

LOGARSKA VALLEY is considered one of the most beautiful glacial alpine valleys, which lies among the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, offers numerous paths through beautiful corners of unspoiled nature where you can see many natural beauties and sights. Visit the Rinka Waterfall - one of the highest free falling waterfalls in Slovenia.
ROBANOV KOT - unspoiled alpine valley, and you can get home-made delicacies in the herbarium: sour milk, buckwheat spoonbread with cracklings, apple pie - strudelj, cheese. In Robanov kot you come close to the beautiful peaks and other beauties of nature.
MATKOV KOT IN MATKOV ŠKAF the unique natural landmark is at a height of 1480 meters. This is a craters-like snow boiler, where the water falls into a thick snowfall in the spring in a mild waterfall, which is flooded by avalanches in the winter, and in the snow of the hollow is a hole-shaped hole. 
The quiet valley was named after the (pra) farm Matk on its slope. There are four mountain farms in Matkov kot, where you can have a culinary stop.
POTOČKA ZIJALKA  it is an important cave site. It is located at 1700 meters above sea level, under the mountain of Olseva. It is 115 meters long and 40 meters wide. From here there are beautiful views of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Logar Valley. In the cave, people from the ice age should be kept, that's somewhere 30000 years ago. In Potočka Zijalki the human traces and bones of the cave bear were discovered.
IGLA IN PRESIHAJOČI STUDENEC - the needle is a 40 m high rocky obelisk, separated from its mother wall by a two-dimensional flap, through which it sometimes led the only way from Luče to Solčava. Below the Iglo there is a shedding spring that is an interesting spring in which the water fluctuates at even intervals.
SNEŽNA JAMA (ICE CAVE)one of the most magnificent mountain caves in the world. Located below the slope of Raduha at an altitude of 1500 meters. Due to its beauty, cave milk, ice sculptures and stunning decor, its visit is an unforgettable experience.
VELIKA PLANINA the largest high mountain pasture mountain in Slovenia. On it, the shepherds built more shepherds' settlements with over one hundred shepherd flats - cottages and bytes of special shape.
SMREKOVEC - a 15 km long cliff of volcanic origin lies at the junction of the Šaleška Valley, the Upper Savinja Valley and the Upper Mežica Valley. A specific and varied flora has been developed. Worth a visit!
MENINA PLANINA ( 1458 m)-  you are invited to the tranquil world of pastures. Menina is a pre-Alpine karst plateau. The sights of these are also karst caves and it has two lakes.  Menina invites you fresh air, natural beauty and positive energy, but also during the summer, good hospitality, which includes a varied culinary offer.
GOLTE in ALPSKI VRTthe highest located botanical garden with over 100 species of Alpine plants.
MOZIRSKI GAJ a park of flowers and an ethnological heritage where the Japanese and herbal garden and rocky stands stand out, and we can also visit the beehive, farmhouse, granary, pasture cottage, mill, blacksmith ...