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Test yourself in archery! Fun and friendly activity for the whole family in the stunning natural environment of the Matkovo angle.
Have you been hunting? Archery is a dynamic sport that will impress all generations. The tourist farm Gradišnik with its surroundings is the right place to enjoy this once-respected skill.
On the farm, you can borrow a bow, arrows and go on a 3 km long, 3D archery adventure into the depths of the forest, where you meet 28 different targets of plastic animals, which is a bowling simulation.

Renting a bow with a trainer 10,00 EUR / person
Hiring an arc with a trainer and 3D track 20,00 EUR / person
3D track (28 targets) 13.00 EUR / person
3D track - daily 15,00 EUR / person
Lost arrow 8,00 EUR