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For you, lovers of culinary, we have prepared a unique culinary experience 


For first dish: Beef in a modern way ...
Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese parumed with black truffle juice and olive oil
Naturally dried meats in the Alpine climate in wooden granaries ...
Zgornjesavinjski želodec home made salami stuffed with pieces of bacon and pork meat with cottage cheese Mohovt
In the home garden harvested herbs ...
Herb soup with dumpling of mozzarella, lime fruit and mint, crispy bread
The secret of our grandmothers ...
Home-made dumplings »žlinkrofi« filled with smoked meat and sprinkled with apple-horseradish soup, cracklings
Trout, natural treasure of the Savinja River ....
Crispy baked fillet trout with mint sauce,
Soft polenta with blueberries, broccoli and cauliflower
Venison, traditionally in our forests ....
Venison back in pear sauce with juniper berries, potato puree with spruce tips, pear sauce and fresh pear
Honey and milk from neighboring meadows ...
Homemade local cheese with acacia honey and Cohiba tobacco leaf
Timber raft's story on a plate….
Local dessert with Ingot of three chocolates on Timber raft,
sorbet of raspberry’s and forest fruits

3 courses: 33,00€
4 courses: 41,00€
 5 courses: 49,00€
 6 courses: 57,00€
7 courses: 66,00€
 8 courses: 75,00€

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